Author Topic: Big Hug to all who walked with me !  (Read 1121 times)

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Big Hug to all who walked with me !
« on: October 07, 2019, 07:55:46 pm »
A very greatfull thanks to all who helped me the last 12 Months.

Why i Post this in Open Forum, ? cuz there peeps who also helped me, who are not in the Guild, polly they read this here, polly not !
Thx Xollon who dragged me back to EQ, sorry that our Ways in EQ took different Directions!
Thx to a very nice grp from Signum who pushed me to 110, well some others like Dregar found me in FM also in that Period, =) thx
Dastan, Merrlyn , Carrz, Nim , Slet, Dauredhell, Ophis , Ashigaru, Darkform, Nuukee, eden and ethan, Healan and frangipan, Joksi,
oh mann , should copy the Roster, there soooo manny helpful Souls, i bet i Forget 1 here and he will let me burn for that =)
Thx to AD to get me in Guild , hope im a Help there =)

why i type that here, ?
well i can say now 24 days left as i year of Gold Show me that i almost had 12 very intesting packed full of work, Months

and what we all did in that time,

2 Full expansions Done (Progression Eok, RoS )
manny side Tasks and goodies
EOK , guess like 50 % done
EotD 1 and 2, and manny cool Raids
A full set of Eok Raid Armor,( shiny and other )
and aa i had like 2k, now im on 29k, WOW ( well GMM is still aa bringer for me, hehe )

so a VERRY BIG HUG to all of u, thx /bow.../kneel... =)

PS a bigger hug to all who do work on planning and leading our Raids,
its a non Payed Painfull Job that gives those peeps only one payment, a won Raid =)
so lets help get manny Raids done =)

Elfguard, War 29K

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Re: Big Hug to all who walked with me !
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2019, 12:19:27 am »
Damn helluva year! Grats and many more raids and wins to come!  ;D