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EOK - Chardok - Queen Velazul Di`zok
« on: June 04, 2017, 10:34:54 am »
EOK - Chardok - Queen Velazul Di`zok
Avoiding AE dot (for DPS):
   Queen Velazul Di`Zok begins to cast a spell. <Flamesong of Ro>
      55s timer until next Flamesong of Ro - you need to hide from queen's LOS just before

Adds spawn (for everyone - need quick killing):
   With the arrival of her sycophants, the Queen is impervious to further harm.
      Sycos pop, kill them (every 95s)
   With the death of her sycophants, the Queen's immunity to harm fades.
      Sycos dead, OK to DPS queen again (for rock group; others should follow MA!)
   Queen Velazul Di`Zok shouts, 'Come to me, my pets. It's time for me to leave!'
      Swap target and kill "Velazul`s mount" - failure to do so will reset the event (might take 5s to pop)

   Di`Zok Captain (Asendak|Derest|Ersar|Seldar) has been slain
      Extra wave of add pop (yellow adds type change) - shouldn't happen, but brace for impact if it does

You-probably-need-to-move emote:
   Queen Velazul Di`Zok shouts, 'It is time for you to burn, Player1, Player2, Player3, and Player4.'
   Sunlight gathers around you.
      Doomlight explosion (310k AE) when Doomlight fades - hide in tunnel until next emote
   The gathered sunlight dims. You are safe from the Doomlight.
      Safe to come back out after Doomlight

Reflect emote:
   Queen Velazul Di`Zok is aglow, her scales reflecting ambient light.
      Use beneficial dispell if you have one (eradicate magic or similar)


This is a long, sustained burn fight with many adds, and fail mechanics kicking in at 20 minutes: AE dot every 10s, more doomlights, extra AE DDs (parallax burn)...

Strat is divided by mob type:
  • Queen Velazul Di`Zok
    Main named, we win when this dies.

    She is placed on the right just out of tunnel, so DPS doesn't have to run far and most of the raid can avoid Flamesong of Ro (every 55s) if required.
    She is immune to damage when Sycophants pop, until these die.

    Starting ~50% she casts doomlight, when targeted run at least around CF inside tunnel to hide until it gets "cured" (every 70s and faster, see emotes)
    Starting ~40% she casts reflect on herself and needs to be dispelled beneficial (eradicate magic or similar)
    Starting ~15% she summons a mount to flee, that mount needs to die fast.

  • Di`Zok Captain (Asendak|Derest|Ersar|Seldar)
    2 captains are offtanked the whole fight.
    Queen kills a captain every 20%, at which point a new captain repop along with its set of adds -- we cannot control which dies or which repop as far as we know. Tanks must be ready with deflect to grab new adds fast and they are to be killed ASAP.

  • a Di`Zok (soldier|blademaster|mender|warcaster)
    Captain adds. Each captain has his "type" and we will only see adds of their types unless a captain dies.
    In addition to the ones up at start/poping with captains, we get two adds (one of each type) every 120s - these are always to be killed.

    Each type has a trick:
     - warcasters cast Enveloping smoke - bad AE dot; we don't want these.
     - menders do not cast anything but have some sort of high regen aura, they need to die fast as we waste DPS when they are up
     - blademasters hit harder, but are mezzable (we use AEs so only mezz on new pops if at all)
     - soldiers are weakest

  • a Di`Zok sycophant
    Two pop every 95s of the fight, they protect queen and need to be killed ASAP.
    They pop deep inside tunnel and are grabbed/brought to CF to kill there.

  • a Di`Zok puppet
    charmable adds, pop together with sycos every 95s.

    We charm these to save DPS more than for the damages they add - charm all until we are out of charmers, then kill all of the charmed puppets on next pop. Rince and repeat until queen is dead.
    Being able to kill them all at once saves DPS time to run around/look for mobs.

Always follow MA, kill order is always:
queen mount > warcaster > mender > sycophant > blademaster > soldier > puppet (when we kill them) > queen

I'll repeat once again, this is a sustained burn event: burn queen at start, and always reuse abilities when they repop. Think on what you need to do in order to do the maximum total damage in 20 minutes.

I won't put it better than what has already been written, so allow me a shameful rip-off of eqfreelance forum (kudos to them!). This is very spot on advices to follow:


This is like a moon landing to get perfect.  The stars are not always going to align, but we can get it pretty close.  Things to look out for on the group level (non-MGB), are various AURAs, and stuff like Epics, Black Wolf etc.  When expecting certain ADPS and it's absent, there's nothing wrong with opening a friendly dialog with the culprit and figure out what's going on.  I say friendly, because there's no need to be a porch dick about it.  Remember, the person could have forgot to hit their AA/clicky, or was OOR due to an emote etc.  Lots of things can affect whether or not ADPS is cast.  We recommend working with people one-on-one, and see if you can get results/improvements, and if it seems like you're spinning your wheels, then let us know please. :)

Overall Tip, for everyone:

A B C = Always Be Casting.

Always be using your abilities.  There's very few events where we need a burn at a specific critical time.  We need players using all of their abilities all the time.  This is probably one of the biggest mistakes (and I use that word in a nice way), that people make.  Saving discs is for the birds.  Use them, so they can be used again more often.
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Re: EOK - Chardok - Queen Velazul Di`zok
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Looking for something like this? I think that is beneficial to me and many others.