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Raid rules
« on: November 10, 2016, 07:02:19 pm »
        AD BUS RULES!


In AD, members raid when they're able to. We always place real life concerns first. This means that all raids are optional - nobody will be forced to attend raids.  Our guild is about having fun, learning new encounters and that sense of achievement when we beat it.

Raid Rules
  • Shrink and dismiss familiars! Avoid huge mounts, pets, etc.
  • Focus is expected when we are raiding. Please to not play other toons, watch TV or similar during events and give it your best so as not to waste everyone's time
  • Do no clutter raid channel, talk in ad or other channels
  • Tell others when you go afk; gate and leave raid if you you will be long
  • Feedback is always welcome, but please remember The Raid Leader Is Always Right -- even when they're wrong. Feel free to bring any disagreement or more constructed informations to the forums!
  • Our strats are split in two: "Consumer" level summary, with ATs, public in the guest section of the forum; and discussions in Raid tactics
  • Avoid /anon, be respectful, etc.

Raid invites

  • Priority in raids are always main > guests > played alts > other alts - only mains get invited before on time, and other alts only ever get invited for coins if we have time to spare for it.
  • Please do not zone your alts in unless the event is over or you have been asked to play them
  • When raids are full, you will be asked to join our bench: the adbench:adbench channel. Please do not join it unless you're waiting for an invite, and leave it when invited so we can quickly tell who is waiting.
  • People in bench get dkp as if they had been in raid, as long as they stay available to join raid on short notice. You can solo or even group, but don't start a long mission without warning the other players you might have to leave in the middle of it!
  • We will always try to limit players to one toon in raid. This may lead to situations where, if required, we will ask someone to play an alt while their main sits out. We will always favor mains if possible.
  • Benchees will be invited on a first-come first-invited basis unless the raid leader decides we would benefit more otherwise - please bear with us if someone skips ahead as we try to keep the raid balanced.
  • If we get a chance, we will ask for volunteers and try to rotate people in bench with players in raid between events. We might occasionally prompt someone directly to help rotate more fluently and/or adjust the raid's balance, thank you for understanding.
  • Please remember guests are part of our raid just like any member. They get invited after on-time, so if you're not late you have priority over guests - but once they're in we will not kick them out for you. They have been helping us for a while and deserve not being thrown away at the first chance we have.

The above guidelines will serve to make sure that we can still raid efficiently while still getting some benefit from free spells and flags that come with the events we've done endlessly. Remember that stuff for alts/bots is not a right, it's a privilege.
Our main objective is to keep things moving, and to that effect raid leaders decisions are final even if you don't agree! Bring it to the forum for discussion.
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