Author Topic: Arx5 down, just in time!  (Read 2337 times)

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Arx5 down, just in time!
« on: November 12, 2015, 08:19:11 am »
In AD, we like to take our time and deal with the given content in a fashionably just in time attitude -- we've once again proven this with the last raid of TDS, where we just kissed Calix Quirinus a goodbye to welcome the new expansion with a clean plate!

Calix wasn't an easy date, but after roughing us for a little while we've shown him what we're made of and that first win was so smooth I believe that he had given up and yielded in front of our determination.

AD has a long history of beating an expansion within days of the next release and we're very proud of being able to continue this today, thanks to our dedicated members and to the many guests we can rely on to give us the last push we need.

If you're interested in joining a flexible and friendly guild which raids high end content - either as a guest or by joining as a full member - speak to Wewere or another officer in game and take a look at our forum.
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